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What do you get from your message? It’d be quicker to list what you don’t. Anyway, just imagine a telephone system that can talk to your customers when you place them on-hold. With calm callers and affordable advertising, the benefits will soon become apparent. Oh, when we say it’s affordable, how does as little as $2.85 per day grab you?

It’s time to enhance the customer experience. On hold messages are a very effective marketing tool and an investment that will pay for itself many times over.


What is ‘On-Hold Marketing’ exactly?

In short, on-hold marketing creates an additional marketing channel for your business, which can be used in any way you choose. Whether you want to keep your customers entertained whilst they’re waiting to be connected or prefer to serve the latest company news and details of a current sales promotion, on–hold marketing can say it in a style to suit your business.

The Benefits


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When a call is made to your business, in most cases, the caller wants an answer to a specific query. Unless they ask you what else you can do for them, you are unlikely to give them a rundown of all of your services. This means missed business opportunities. That’s where ‘Callahan On-Hold Messages’ can help.

In the time that it takes for a call to be transferred or to find information, the caller can be placed on hold and your phone line can be working for you.

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Did you realise that the most under-utilised marketing medium

in the majority of organisations is the phone?

Even if you work from home or small office and only have a single phone line!

While 94% of all annual advertising budgets are spent to induce calls, only 6% is spent to handle the call that is received. (AT&T)

If your marketing doesn’t extend to your phone line you are not getting the maximum benefit.

Remember you have a captive audience, so inform your callers of what you can do for them.

   Introduce products and services

   Promote up coming events

   Announce sales and special pricing

   Tips and interesting facts

   Answer frequently asked questions

   Build brand awareness