The process all begins when you provide your account representative with information about your business.

Our team of expert copywriters is proficient in tailoring unique messages that generate results.

At Callahan On Hold, we make it easy to implement messages with precisely the right content.

CONSULTATION. When you email your information to us, a copywriter reviews your profile, visits your website if you have one, and contacts you within a business day for the initial consultation.

SCRIPTWRITING. After this initial contact, we perform further research as necessary and then the scriptwriting begins. We will provide your proposed script within 3 business days and follow up to ensure it was received. We’ll send the script via email or fax, or you may review and modify your script using the 24/7 client access feature on our website.

Script Editing and Approval. In most cases, clients approve the script with few or no changes. We will follow up to review any script editing that is needed. Once the script is 100% to your satisfaction, we obtain your approval.

Production. The messages then go to production where they are professionally voiced and mixed in our studios. You may choose male, female, child or alternating voice talent, and your preference of licensed background music.

Completion. Upon receipt of payment, we deliver the Equipment and Package to your office. As part of our fulfilment guarantee, a member of our production team follows up after delivery to offer assistance in connecting the player.

If at any time you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact our support line on 1300 134 537, or you may send an email to

Production Process